A Threat to Our Economic Success - Pebble Mine

Threatens American jobs | Endangers America’s food security

Bristol Bay is a renewable economic engine that sustains thousands of businesses throughout the country. It is in our country's best interest to permanently protect Bristol Bay and ensure that it will continue to provide jobs, revenue, recreation opportunities, and sustainable, wild seafood. Stand with the businesses and people of Bristol Bay and ask our elected leaders to permanently protect Bristol Bay from large-scale mining.

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Businesses for Bristol Bay advocates for economic prosperity in the Bristol Bay region and beyond by advancing public policy that provides companies, communities, and individuals with stability and a level playing field.  By putting the needs of local businesses that depend on Bristol Bay’s fisheries first, we can drive responsible economic development in Alaska and the industries that rely on its resources.


The Grundéns name stands for hard work.  It stands for family. It stands for fishing.  When bad ideas threaten our livelihood, we are going to stand with our community.  Ripping a hole in the heart of the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery and threatening 20,000 American jobs is a bad idea.  Plain and simple.

Mat Jackson General Manager, Grundéns

Bristol Bay is one of the world’s largest fisheries for wild salmon. As a business committed to providing our customers sustainably harvested and raised seafood, New Seasons Market would be negatively impacted with the loss of this fishery.  A mine in the region would benefit very few and hurt so many, including fisherman, retailers, and consumers throughout the supply chain in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Daisy Berg Seafood Category Manager, New Seasons Market

Conserving the one-of-a-kind resource we have in Bristol Bay is not only economically savvy, but it is also aligned with conservative values that emphasize long-term welfare over short-term gain.  If we are to truly put America first, we must take action to prevent the Pebble Mine.  The region’s economy and culture are rich, and its currency is salmon.  If we take care of the salmon and rivers, that wealth will support communities and American jobs forever.

Perk Perkins CEO, Orvis